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Ce n’est pas un magazine de cuisine ordinaire! Conçu et rédigé par des professionnels de la restauration, sa vocation est de partager les connaissances en véhiculant la générosité et les valeurs contemporaines de la cuisine. Nous espérons ainsi, vous faire vivre une aventure aussi gourmande qu’humaine.

Numéro septembre / octobre 2018


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Numéro 4 – Automne 2019

Numéro Automne 2019


Issue 3- Spring 2019

Spring 2019


The art of flavor by Amaury Guichon

Time for a trip, let yourself go by discovering the universe of Amaury Guichon.

English version

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Umami team

Through Umami, we hope to make you live an adventure as greedy as human!
Claude Le Bayon

Claude Le Bayon


Chef of several great restaurants with Michelin-starred baggage, Claude was captivated by the charm and terroir of Quebec. He transmits his passion through his constant search for a unifying theme that combines his two favorite homelands, Quebec and France.

Romain Delgenès

Romain Delgenès


Romain worked the majority of his professional career in the catering industry. Thanks to his passion for wine and the culinary culture, he chose to take a different path by choosing the gastronomic edition.

Raphaël Lebaron

Raphaël Lebaron


Hotel manager and sommelier, Raphael loves wine, and wine really loves him. He talks about wine as he lives, with a lot of love. His passion and his desire to always push himself to discover new things make him a logistic director always on top.

In a few words

As part of this new wave of culinary culture, we want to inform and entertain through visual, literary and gastronomic art.

With you everywhere

Give professionals of today and tomorrow the means to transmit their know-how and make the techniques and small tips of these great chefs accessible to all, so that everyone can cook at home.

Our strengths

Umami is also committed to making you discover the men and women of tomorrow through different portraits to promote their profession, at the heart of this know-how, we give the floor to these professionals to know their points of view on the restoration of 'today and tomorrow.

Open to the world

Umami is a magazine prepared and written by catering professionals, whose first goal is to set up for global gastronomy through different subject carried out in collaboration with chefs on every continent.

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